Introducing LawStrive

posted by LawStrive

May 2, 2017

LawStrive is an online platform that provides opportunities for citizens to get free advice and education on legal related matters. We believe citizens are not adequately educated about legal issues, so we built a single platform where they can get answers to any legal related questions within hours, get educated on legal issues and also get a qualified lawyer to work with them.

There are lots of injustice going on in the society especially to the average nigeria citizens. How many domestic violence are being reported?, how many rape cases have been documented?, do women know where to get help? The answer is No. Citizens are going through all sorts of injustice, worries, and business problems due to ignorance and inadequate knowledge on issues that are already addressed by Law. Is the Law not working any more or are people just above the law in Nigeria? What exactly is going on? While at LawStrive, we do not have all the answers, but we have created a section on LawStrive platform where all answers could be found. It is called LawStrive Advice. We welcome legal practitioners, Senior Advocates and Defense Counsels to come to the aid of Nigerians by providing guidance to citizens on legal matters. LawStrive is open to all, you are welcome.