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Hello, please explain the concept of DBAs, Subsidiaries and brands in business. That is, how can a company do business in a name that is not the initially registered name? For instance, UAC foods does business with gala and others and NB does business with Star and others. Now my question is do they have to be registered as a different company again? I read online about DBAs (Doing Business As) but i haven't been able to find any resource explaining how this works in Nigeria.

Asked - Aug 20 2017, 09:32 AM

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Reply by Obare Princess Dafiaghor (Lawyer)

Doing Business As(DBA) is simply doing business with a name that is different from the business/company registered name. A company desirous of doing business in a name(tradename) distinct from its registered name does not need to register the proposed name(tradename) as a new company. The only requirement is that the Tradename/Trademark should be registered with the appropriate registry at the Ministry of Commerce. please note that DBA, tradename and brand are diverse terms for the same thing. In simple terms, a subsidiary company is one whose major shares are held by a parent Company. Unlike a trademark, a Subsidiary company must be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission as a COMPANY.

Posted - Aug 29 2017, 03:08 PM


And what is the appropriate registry at the Ministry of Commerce for registration ma'am?

Posted - Aug 29 2017, 03:21 PM

Reply by Obare Princess Dafiaghor (Lawyer)

It is the registry where you register your tradename. It is located in the Ministry of Commerce. If you're desirous of registering your tradename by yourself, just go to the Ministry of Commerce and tell them you want to register your tradename, they would direct you to the appropriate registry. NOTE that this registration is not the same thing as registering the tradename as a new company. A new company can only be registered in the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Posted - Aug 30 2017, 10:56 AM

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