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Mr Damilare

I read from the newspaper few weeks ago about a man that was arrested during a police raid, after some rounds of beatings at their office they discovered he was innocent, he was required to pay some amount of money for his bail but couldn't meet up with the demand, someone later showed up to pay for his bail after some days. The Nigeria police says Bail is Free... Is bail really free? And if yes, how do a Nigerian get his free bail if not guilty of arrest?

Human RightsAsked - May 13 2017, 08:07 PM

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Reply by Sandra Olojede (Lawyer)

The law makes bail free and it ought to be free but practically speaking, it is not free. Where a person is wrongly arrested and subjected to such brutality, such a person can bring an action against the Nigerian Police Force, under the Enforcement of Fundamental Human Right. It is constitutionally provided and is usually settled speedily to give justice to the victim. Also, you can demand for damages in your suit in money or in kind and the court would readily grant your request where you can prove your case.

Posted - May 17 2017, 08:45 AM

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